The cheekiest way
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A #SillySiteChallenge
by @PaulieScanlon

Merry Christmass

A new bum for every day of advent
BumHub uses Netlify functions to hit the GitHub REST API at build time to create a page for each day of advent using Gatsby's new Routes API - 🕺



Website carbon usage calculated by
BumHub uses gatsby-plugin-preact so it's as lightweight and eco-friendly as it can be

Bum Bum Maker

So what else can you do with Gatsby?
Bum Bum Maker lets you customise your own bum and by using html-to-image even lets you export your bum to .jpeg so you can download and share! - 🕺

Bum UI

BumHub's UI was created using the super brill brills Theme UI
Theme UI is a library for creating themeable user interfaces based on constraint-based design principles - Theme UI

Bum Search

BumHub has retrieved all the GitHub bums so you don't have to!
BumHub uses Netlify functions to hit the GitHub REST API at build time so all bum data is statically rendered by Gatsby - 💋

Bum Hub was developed in public and released feature by feature throughout December 2020
I've documented my plan of attack and thought process together with a detailed explanation about how I created each feature seen on Bum Hub in this blog post -🕺
Silly Site Challenge
Who made Bum Hub and what they did
  • Illustrator: @Miss_ChatZ
  • Designer: @PaulieScanlon
  • Front End Developer: @PaulieScanlon
  • Back End Developer: @PaulieScanlon
🙏 Thanks
Thanks to my online friends who encourange, support and retweet my stuff

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